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Five questions for Andrea Mennillo: “After Brexit, can Europe still warm hearts more than it stirs passions?”

Brexit is officially underway. This month, the British ambassador to Brussels gave Donald Tusk, Chairman of the European Council, the letter signed by British Prime Minister Theresa May that formally gives notice the UK will withdraw from the European Union. Nine months after the referendum, this was the first act of procedure to trigger Brexit.

Five questions for Andrea Mennillo: “After Brexit, is the destiny of Europe and the global economy in the hands of the British?”

When the British voted in June 2016 for the UK to leave the European Union, they made a choice that changes the destiny of the continent and has a significant impact on the economy, perhaps around the world. Brexit puts the entire European project into question and has invigorated eurosceptic political parties. A few days

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A New State

Like so many others, on Monday, September 16, 2013 I watched a team of skilled Italians conduct the largest ever salvage operation with almost childlike astonishment.

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